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Home Legend flooring in Anaheim with laminate, hardwood, bamboo, luxury vinyl and cork flooring and hardwood floors at

Treasure Flooring Showroom in Orange County CA.

Home Legend flooring captures old-world craftsmanship that provides fashion and beauty to your home. We offer a complete line of laminate, hardwood, bamboo, luxury vinyl and cork flooring that brings long-lasting aesthetic value.

Earth Minded  It’s Our Earth Minded Commitment. Central to our core mission at Home Legend is our Earth Minded commitment built around three pillars:

Home Legend flooring

    •    Social Responsibility
    •    Environmental Goodwill
    •    Innovative Product Design

Home Legend has worked diligently to source reputable vendor partners who employ and meet strict 3rd party certifications. For example, we have a commissioned relationship with Verite – a global NGO whose mission is to ensure that people worldwide work under safe, fair, and legal conditions. In addition, our vendor partners meet many quality standards, such as ISO 9000, ISO 14000, and OHSAS 18000 and global security regulations.

Indoor Air Quality is an important contributing factor to healthy indoor environments.  

The products placed in a home contribute to the quality of the air we breathe. 69% of consumers prefer to purchase products that carry an Indoor Air Quality certification. Home Legends’ product portfolio of quality Laminate, Hardwood, Bamboo and Cork flooring has received GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certification. Greenguard Children & Schools Certification indicates that a product has met one of the highest environmental standards for clean indoor air and contributes to a healthy home, work, school and other indoor environments Home Legend products also meet California Air Resource Board CARB 2 Compliance Standards – the highest formaldehyde emissions standard currently required in the United States. GREENGUARD Children & Schools standards establish emission criteria to define low-emitting materials for environments where people spend an extended period of time. Of primary concern in indoor environments is exposure to volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released from sources commonly used in homes and commercial buildings such as furnishings, paint, cleaning agents, solvents, flooring products and building materials. VOCs contribute to poor indoor air quality which has a number of negative health implications. Short-term consequences include triggering asthma and allergy attacks and flu-like symptoms and long-term exposure may lead to complications with respiratory and neurological disease. Additionally, children, in particular, are vulnerable to impure airborne toxins, as they have higher inhalation rates per pound of body weight than adults.
As an independent, not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving public health and quality of life through programs that improve indoor air quality, GEI created the GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certification ProgramSM to recognize products which meet or exceed stringent requirements for low chemical emissions. For a complete list of GREENGUARD Certified products visit www.greenguard.org.

Home Legend flooring in Anaheim

So, when you purchase a Home Legend floor you can rest assured that you are getting a floor that was produced with ethical standards and won’t pollute the air you breathe
About Home Legend
Home Legend, LLC. was founded in 2007. Originally, hand-tufted and hand-knotted area rugs were the core business. However, Home Legend, LLC. began to see great success with Hardwood, Bamboo, Laminate and Cork Flooring lines and has become a key up-and-coming brand in the flooring industry. The company has seen exponential growth over the last several years.
In 2012, Home Legend entered the LVT market. Home Legend has two facilities; the first is the corporate office and warehouse located in Adairsville, GA, while our west coast facility is located in Fontana, CA. Both distribution facilities exceed 380,000 square feet of warehouse space as well as office space. In addition, Home Legend has an additional sales office and R&D facility in Kennesaw, GA.
Our goal is to provide quality flooring and home decor products at a competitive price. The company's executive management has over 90 years of experience in merchandising, production, operations, sales and marketing in the flooring industry providing Home Legend with a great foundation on which to build future growth. Our expertise and know-how brings value-added products that enhance not only the beauty, but the value of your home. Our manufacturing, global sourcing and marketing experience provides leading edge fashions in hardwood, bamboo, laminate, luxury vinyl, and cork.
Home Legend captures old-world craftsmanship with high quality flooring products that provide fashion and beauty to your home. Home Legend flooring products are made from the highest quality materials and proprietary technologies that provide for convenient installation and ease of maintenance. We offer a complete line of flooring that brings long lasting aesthetic value and beauty to any home. Home Legend's product choices match a wide range of budget and timeless decor options. No matter how rough and tough the lifestyle, our floors are made to withstand the life lived on them. Our innovative Seal Lock™, joint technology seals out spills. And, our clic-lock floating floor installation system is a tremendous time saver, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your new floor instead of installing them. Home Legend is proud to be a member and supporter of the following organizations: