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Woody & Lamy Floor is specialized in supplying of various kinds of flooringWoody & Lamy Floor

As a company, we value Honesty, Integrity, and Respect.
Honesty--We are communicating and acting the truth about our products with our customers, and ourselves, and we value honesty as one of our top priorities.
Integrity--We are keeping our words and actions to our loyal customers. In addition to principles for promoting the safe product to our customers, we are willing to walk a mile with them if they allow us.

materials like laminated floor, WPC, moldings, underlayment, etc.

Our Missions
Woody & Lamy Floor is devoted to help customers to create the environment they appreciate and to improve their lives by supplying the right product for their homes.
We have done extensive research in the field of laminate floor, and are fully aware of the current and past trends in this industry.
This  is knowledge as our base and the passion to provide superior quality materials to our customers.
We inflame and encourage others to believe what we have believed in. Our goal is to meet the needs of our customers by extending the service they earn.
Company History
Woody & Lamy Floor was founded in May.1998
Mr. Charles Oh, President, has more than 20 years of experience in Sales. His philosophy in business has been based on our core values.Woody & Lamy Floor

Laminate flooring has been a popular choice in other parts of the world for many years, most notably in Europe where the grading of laminate flooring is still the industry standard. Laminate flooring is made up of a core of dense fiberboard, and a top layer on which a photographed pattern is pressure sealed by a coating of plastic-like aluminum oxide. When you walk on a laminate floor that appears to be made of real wood, you are actually walking on a very realistic photograph! This sealed photographic, or décor layer, makes the laminate floor surface very durable and resistant to damage from high foot traffic, household pets, and light moisture. The core layer is thereby protected from moisture that might land on the top surface, although water spills or other moisture should be mopped up promptly and not allowed to sit on the floor.

Advantages of laminate flooring: installation
Beyond the laminate floor’s resistance to moisture, scratching, and staining, which allows the floor to be very low maintenance, one of the main draws of laminate flooring is the ease of its installation. Many types laminate flooring provide a "glueless" alternative, allowing each board to be connected by means of a tongue-and-groove design that clicks together to form a sturdily fastened surface. With some experience in light carpentry, a laminate floor is a good option for a proficient do-it-yourselfer. In this sense, installing laminate flooring yourself could save you the cost of hiring a professional. If you happen to be a professional, a laminate floor is a great time-saving option to offer to clients, allowing you to move to the next job with minimum fuss and maximum results.